Gabe Doby

Singer/Song Writer

Permalink Me and the Queen! We may have tough times, we may not be perfect, but long as she stays my queen and I her king, we can do anything together! #truth
Permalink We called ourselves taking a cheat day and going to have dinner… Lol didn’t quite work out that way…
Permalink #latepost went out for @nestordvarela bday with the love of my life… Happy Bday Danny…
Permalink For real tho!
Permalink Hey if you haven’t gotten the chance yet, Plz go check out my me music vid AMERICAN DREAM on YouTube!! Jus type in gabe doby American dream… Or
Permalink It’s amazing how true this statement is!!
Permalink With her I can do anything!
Permalink Vegas trip for @bl_hamm bday! Great time, I love my ppls!